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We live so much of our lives, never understanding the blessings of God because we spend our time seeking the actual blessing rather than what leads us to these blessings. The Beatitudes in Matthew 5 describes the way to the blessings of God. “Be of this attitude,” He challenges us. He challenges our perspective of God and His blessings. The blessings of God are the result of the attitudes that we possess in our relationship with Him. The one I am focused on this year is “Blessed are the Peacemakers for they will be called sons of God,” Matthew 5:9. I want the blessing of being called a son of God. I was reading a book recently, and it said that peacemaking and reconciliation are the same things. We are all called to be a part of the ministry of reconciliation and, therefore, peacemaking.

The attitude we must take is that of a bridgebuilder to bring people together to identify the problems that divide us. We are to know the truth of God’s word and what it guides us to do. Then we make the journey to the place of peace, and, as far as it depends on us, we are to be at peace with all humanity. Very simply stated for what is a messy and challenging journey to peace and shalom. CSM is a part of the peacemaking in our city and among followers of Christ. We want to be a part of churches seeking the Oneness of purpose in our city. We want to be a part of calling people of God together to become peacemakers.

CSM is a faith-based non-profit seeking to bring churches together to operate in Oneness of purpose to reflect the heart of God for our city. We seek to be One Church, share One Gospel, work as One Unified Body, and demonstrate to a lost and dying world that together, we can transform our communities and experience shalom on earth, as it will be in heaven. The Church is God’s governing body, commissioned and commanded to do this work, and CSM exists to support this work. This is why, at CSM, we have worked for years to serve the pastors and churches in our communities. We have seen the hand of God on the Church working to save the lost, build the body, and unify the churches to work together. We are seeing the hand of God at work in our city.

CSM is doing the work God has assigned to us, and with your help, we can do more and see more change. We work with more than 150 churches and organizations and experience the change happening in many of our communities. While God’s work is ever present, we all have a part to play during our times on earth. Peacemaking is about running into the blessing for which God has called us all. A Peacemaker is what I want to be so I can experience the blessing of God and be called a son of the Most High. Come, join in the blessing! Shalom!

– Tracy