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In March we were able to take 37 pastors and leaders to the Equal Justice Initiative in
Montgomery. This museum was founded by Bryan Stevenson, a Civil Rights activist and
the author of Just Mercy. We traveled together to EJI and spent several hours together
on a tour of the grounds. This time illuminated Alabama’s justice system and its ties to
America’s history with slavery. It was particularly sobering to see the lynching
memorials and reckon with the commonality of this injustice.

After our time at the museum and memorial we shared lunch together, discussing
amongst one another what we had just seen. We all shared with each other of how the
lynching memorial was most impactful, as it was documentation of all those who were
lynched in each county and what they were lynched for. This was very sobering and
deeply moving.

The day concluded with us getting to hear from Bryan Stevenson himself, as he shared
with these pastors and leaders about his 40 years of experience in working for justice.
He spoke to the role pastors should play in working to bring justice, because scripture
commands us to care for the prisoner and work for justice. His main challenge to us was
that we have to be in proximity to the problem so that we can know how to engage with
the problem well. This proximity will allow us to help change the narrative of people’s
lives, as we have drifted in a society further away from justice and fairness, which are
Biblical principles.

The pastors said they were moved by the trip and we have had a follow up meeting so
that pastors and their churches can find their place in this space. We want to be
advocates for the justice system and those inside prison and participate in ways when
they get out of prison. There are at least half a dozen churches we work with have
prison and reentry ministries. If you are interested in hearing more please contact Tracy