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A letter from Tracy: Future Focus 2023

CSM is walking into the future with a focus on Kingdom work for the glory of God. We know the Lord has called us, established us, and will sustain us into the future and our work. His Kingdom come, His will be done, on earth, in this day, time, and space.

For the past 13 years, some fantastic people helped mature our vision for CSM, and we celebrate their investment in kingdom work. Many people can be recognized that have served CSM at different seasons, but here are a few I want to mention:

  • Bud Vowell served for over 25 years in about every role and retired at 80.
  • Randy Sain volunteered for over ten years after retiring from engineering. He is with the Lord today.
  • Willie Banks transitioned recently after 12 years. He now works at Ashley Furniture. He is one of the hardest-working men I have ever served with.
  • Katy Sexton served for one year with homeowners in our housing department. A few weeks ago, she left to be home with her teenage boys.
  • Aaron Parsons served 12 years in our construction ministry, refurbishing homes in our communities. His heart and passion for service reflect the values of our Lord in his work. He is leaving to work with his son, and we will miss him deeply.

The Lord has been so good to CSM during the 13 years I’ve served here. It has been a great run from the impact of the 2011 tornadoes up to the last six weeks in reroofing 12 homes. We recently dedicated a house we renovated, which was beautiful. (The story of Ms. Andrews in this newsletter.) Our staff is changing, and the Lord guides us. I am excited to see the maturation of CSM’s vision. God is on the move.

As CSM matures in focus, we know God’s heart desires to continue helping churches to be one in our city. I thought that would look different than it has, but God is working to establish some tremendous relational partnerships between churches and pastors. I have worked with hundreds of pastors over 40 years of ministry. Now, there are some with like-minded passions to go deeper for the fulfillment of oneness in the Kingdom work on earth in Birmingham.

As executive director, partners and individuals from all over Birmingham meet with us for wise counsel on various topics, from figuring out the next steps in life, how to find a church for their family, and how to mature in the mess they may be in. I often work with rising leaders, outreach pastors, and mission pastors from our church partners to equip them with ministry principles for transformation. These principles come from Biblical values, commands, decrees, and laws guaranteed to change lives and churches in our city. Frequently, the principles of righteousness and justice have been overlooked or misunderstood, so I help give leaders holistic discipleship. My focus as executive director will be to continue to train and develop these partnerships to reflect Kingdom values, discipling leaders, and anyone who meets with us to see our community thrive.

As we mature, our staff development focus will be to create projects, events, and experiences that are value-driven and biblically based to promote and foster change in those with whom we serve. We will challenge those around us to live daily lives that reflect God’s work and seek to balance righteousness and justice in every area of our ministry and the communities we serve.

In the upcoming years, CSM will shift our focus toward a model for churches to walk and serve with, equipping the saints to do Kingdom work of oneness. We will grow from a church-based ministry to a disciple-making multiplication of ministers of biblical justice for holistic change. We will join churches, pastors, and staff to edify God’s people to glorify God and make a Kingdom impact. 


– Tracy

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