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My personal journey is changing as I have hit the big “60” and am now a young senior. I recently took a journey back which allowed me to see where my path is headed. My intention was to spend time with friends and do some “bucket list” type adventures but it was 9 days of assignments from the Lord and encounters with people whom I have known for years of ministry.

This journey of reconciliation started in 1969 being the first class of 6th grade students integrated into an all-black high school in South Carolina. So, 49 years ago I was thrust into relational involvements new to me. The hurt, the pain, the division that existed in our country was deep and hard to understand as a kid. In 1980 I moved to Birmingham where the hurt, the pain, and the division of people was deeply ingrained in this city’s culture. In 1984, I left Birmingham for Chicago’s inner city for 6 years and then returned to Birmingham to even more hurt, pain and division. Those nine days with school mates, college friends, and former students from Chicago, solidified firmly my call for the future of reconciliation here in Birmingham: to bring healing to the hurt, to offer wholeness to the pain, and to establish community to defeat the divisions.

Tracy with his mentor, John Perkins, leading voice for reconciliation
and unity in the Body of Christ

The sins of the fathers affect the sins of the future unless we call it out and seek the peace and prosperity of our city.

Being involved in gospel ministry in this city and state for all these years allows me the opportunity to speak out and speak up about what the future should hold. The sins of the fathers affect the sins of the future unless we call it out and seek the peace and prosperity of our city. We speak out against injustice of our systems in how we treat the poor, underserved, widows, foreigners, fatherless, homeless and those that don’t look like us. We speak up for justice for all people no matter what it costs. We speak out against unrighteous behavior toward those different in culture, class, color, cause and zip code. We speak up for righteous behavior toward all people regardless of the differences. Because the difference does not make a difference. We in Jefferson county are all a part of zip code 35…

My personal journey at “60” has caused me to stop for a moment, fast, pray and listen to the Lord for this final run to finish strong. The message in so clear to me. The ministry of reconciliation of all people to God and man is our redemptive assignment. This gospel message in the proclamation and demonstration in this community in which God has planted us here. CSM is to help create a “ripple effect” of the gospel message of reconciliation that will multiply through the churches and organizations here in Birmingham. There is only one Gospel message of reconciliation which changes lives for eternity… the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us. Merry Christmas!

Tracy Hipps

Executive Director