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If there is one thing we are consistently reminded of at CSM, it is the Lord will always show up on time and will always provide what we need. 

At times when we are in need and it’s getting to the brink of breaking and we think God isn’t going to show up, He shows up right on time. CSM recently witnessed His perfect timing in regards to COVID-19. 

At the beginning of the virus, after the state got locked down, we didn’t know if we would have enough supplies to create food boxes to feed families, but the Lord heard our prayers in due time. We prayed and began to ask churches to host food drives to generate donations so that we could be equipped to give to families in need. Churches met this need in an unbelievable and miraculous way! Across the city, churches were able to donate a total of 27,000 lbs of food in one day!

If we had rushed the process and neglected to pray fervently for God to provide. He wouldn’t have been able to show up and reveal His glory. There are many stories that serve as a testament of God providing donations in the nick of time. At times that we are impatient, we need to remember God doesn’t work for us, we are His instruments to use in order to bring Him glory. He will fulfill our need in a way that we can’t help but praise and give Him the glory.