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If there’s one thing all Alabamians know well, it’s the summer heat. Unfortunately for a few of our partners, Covid-19 has pushed many outside to maintain business as usual. Our long-time partner, Christ Health Center, conducts excellent healthcare in Woodlawn year-round, and they did not let a pandemic get in their way. Covid-19 caused Christ Health Center to get creative and begin seeing patients outdoors in a constructed “bubble” of plexiglass booths to protect doctors from the virus. Staff members must wear full protective suits with face coverings and respirators, adding to the heat. Through connections at CSM, we were able to help meet a great need for Christ Health Center: Hydration.

CSM was able to promptly deliver a full pallet of both water and Gatorade (hundreds of bottles on each pallet) as soon as the need was made known. We were also able to share a large swamp cooler to help keep the staff well while working outside. Each staff member at CSM shares the heart to serve and is continually listening to our partners’ needs to see how we can best help, even if it’s unasked. We thank God for the honor of serving our city and those who are on the front lines during this challenging time!

Another CSM staff member referred a friend to CHC who was unable to get tested and was very anxious to get back to work. That friend, a self-professed non-spiritual person, called back to say “that while the level of service was excellent, they couldn’t shake the feeling of being well cared for and that the person testing offered to pray and for the first time, in a long time, they felt open to prayer!”


Christ Health Center exists to see the sick made well, and the well made whole. The work we are doing at Christ Health Center goes well beyond treating the sick. We are committed to the physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being of each of our patients. More than simply seeing the sick made well, at Christ Health Center, we strive to see the well made whole and to see each patient living life abundantly. Our patients have access to the very best in primary care, dental services, and professional counseling as well as medication therapy management through our on-site pharmacy. We accept all forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, and offer a generous sliding scale fee-for-service option to our self-pay patients. Christ Health Center continues to test for Covid-19 and provides excellent care to those in need.