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C2 Church and Mountaintop Church are on a mission to bring new life and a sense of community to the city of Fairfield. After Fairfield filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in 2020, these two churches knew that God was calling them to revitalize this community by creating new economic opportunities and support systems for those living in this welcoming community. Being perched on a hill and surrounded by low-income housing, C2 has long noticed how difficult it is for those living in Fairfield to find a place that feels like home with a strong sense of community. C2 and Mountaintop decided to answer God’s call and fill this long-felt need in the community by opening a coffee shop! Far from your typical chain restaurant, this coffee shop is rooted and grounded in love and service to the community. This new space will be a hub for residents of all ages to study, find and build community, and above all, learn about the transformational Gospel of Jesus Christ. This new coffee shop ministry concept will eventually be a place where local students can find tutors for help with homework, and all residents will be able to find counseling services in private rooms. The churches are hopeful the coffee shop will open in April 2022.

CSM is proud to play a small part in this partnership between C2 and Mountaintop churches and this innovative approach to facilitating fellowship, evangelism, and support for the community of Fairfield. Tracy first connected these churches through the regular meetings he hosts with pastors in hopes of encouraging precisely these kinds of partnerships between churches. Additionally, we have been able to help during the construction process of this new space. Several of our staff members recently joined in on a workday between the churches. It was so encouraging and inspirational to witness these two churches coming together this past month for a workday. They worked on the landscaping to create a welcoming exterior and painted the inside to create an inviting feel for those who will soon enjoy the space! Join us in prayer for this facility. We are excited and expectant to see the rebirth and growth it brings to the community of Fairfield! We will keep you posted on when you can get your first cup of coffee!