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We celebrate this month with another story demonstrating the heart of God moving in and through his people. When God “connects resources with needs,” he is genuinely “connecting people with people.” This is all done while tasks are completed, homes are restored, and ultimately, we’ve learned that it is the love of God on display that carries beyond a single project.

This story began when three of our regular construction volunteers went out to fix another roof. After finishing the project, the homeowner invited our team to come inside. Everyone was surprised when they saw this homeowner had absolutely nothing to eat, and though they thought they had finished their task, the team knew they had to do more. Every cabinet was completely bare, and this man, a retired veteran, was almost skin and bones. One of our construction volunteers, Tom, said, “It was weird in that it was neat as a pin and spotless, but there wasn’t a stick of food in the slightest. That’s what really struck me.” The only thing he did consume was diet sodas to kill his appetite.

Our CSM volunteers were so moved that they immediately came back to the warehouse, gathered food and resources, and delivered them so he could have food to eat. From experience, our CSM staff knows that we cannot “put a bandaid” on the problem by bringing food once, but we have to go to the source, the church, to make a lasting difference. By connecting him to a community, we trust that the church will meet his physical needs and spiritual needs long-term.

“We think our value is coming from serving these people, but really, God’s value is in changing hearts - both ours and our neighbors.”

AaronConstruction Director