As we wrapped up 2017, Christian Service Mission was on track to expand even more in the coming year and to serve more and more people in our many partner communities.

In the month of December, CSM stayed very active in these communities and was involved in a number of ministries that are lifting their communities in the context of relationship and responsible care. In the spirit of connecting our time and the abundant resources God has provided us, we are able to work with our strategic partners to make this Christmas season special for those in our community. The STAIR program, spearheaded by Norman and Janet Dickson, partnered with Fresh Air Farms and Highland Presbyterian Church to deliver Christmas food baskets to students and their families.

In this time of abundance, we need to remember those who are without. Through our partnership with Son Light Ministries, over 3,700 families were served in Chilton, Dallas, Perry, and Wilcox counties. Christian Service Mission brought food and other supplies by the truck load to those in need during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. From our partnership with the Mayor’s Office, Christian Service Mission was able to provide food for two employees. Both of the employees were incredibly thankful for this blessing of food and time with their families.

Christian Service Mission was able to help another partner over 2017 by providing weekly snacks to those involved in many different ministries and organizations. Throughout the year, Christian Service Mission provided snacks to Workshops trainee programs. Workshops provides a variety of vocational training for people with disabilities and believe that everyone has something to contribute to our community. In the spirit of giving, we partnered with St. Mary’s Episcopal, Regenerate Society Ministry, and Pathway’s Women Shelter to provide snack food items as well as Christmas gifts, winter clothes, and toiletries to those in need in our community.

Looking forward to 2018, Christian Service Mission is staying busy and will continue to link resources with need in the Birmingham community. We have our annual Mother’s Day Event as well as Thankserving Events to look forward to this year. Our partnership with Pepper Place and The Farmers Market will continue to bring fresh produce to those who are food insecure and living in food deserts in Birmingham. The food drives from our partnerships with local businesses and schools will provide vital food supplies to those in the area. Generous donations of snack food, as well as food coming from our own aquaponic and hydroponic gardens, will be used in a variety of programs including the STAIR summer program and other summer camps in the area.

Thank you for your support of Christian Service Mission’s Food Ministry in 2017. In 2018, we hope to continue to be the Lord’s hands and feet in the Birmingham area and to continue to love all, serve all, and connect the resources available to us with the needs of the people in Birmingham.