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CSM Selma trip

In February, several staff members and our construction SWATT volunteer team did cleanup work in Selma. They spent the day placing tarps on two homes.

 One of the homeowners was a former marine. Katy thanked him for his service and said she could tell it was significant to him to be remembered that way. He was encouraged by CSM’s presence. He was so happy to have a tarp on his roof to keep him dry in the rain, preventing water damage in his home.

 Katy mentioned that volunteers had started to withdraw their presence, making her “feel the devastation in the air.” She said, “I don’t want people to forget about the needs in Selma, which so often happens a few weeks after a disaster.”

While in Selma, Rhonda spent time with Ms. Betty Oldroyd. Ms. Betty runs a thrift store and nonprofit called Sonlight Food Ministry to serve the homeless community in Selma and Montgomery weekly. We have a ten-year partnership with Ms. Betty, providing her with monthly food. Ms. Betty is supported by her church, Gospel Tabernacle Church of God in Christ. They’ve been instrumental in helping people after the devastation of the storm. They helped us identify the homes to tarp.

Before the tornado hit Selma, Ms. Betty’s church purchased a home to minister to the homeless called The Gathering Place. It holds about three families. They’ve used it as a warming station and a place to feed people after the storm. In addition, they allowed people to shelter there after the storm.

 Thank you to all who have given their time and resources to the needs of Selma!