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While CSM exists primarily to serve and transform Birmingham’s community, we are always excited when the Lord provides us an opportunity to serve elsewhere! This past February, we were grateful for the opportunity to partner with Victory World Outreach Ministries in Huntsville, Alabama. Victory World Outreach is a large church located just across the street from Alabama A&M college. Led by Pastor Bobby Sledge, Victory World Outreach hosts weekly food giveaways and works with other local churches to meet the community’s food needs. 

In mid-February, we found ourselves with a large amount of frozen and perishable food that needed to be distributed quickly. The frozen meats and other fresh items were too large and not suitable for our regular food distribution. Fortunately, we were put into contact with Pastor Sledge by one of our existing Birmingham partners. Before we give away resources, we first attempt to build a relationship with the potential receiving institution to ensure that the resources will be utilized effectively and responsibly. Thankfully, we already knew this to be the case. This was not our first time partnering with Victory World Outreach, as last year we were able to supply them with a semi-truck full of food for Covid-19 relief. Again, we were able to provide Victory World Outreach with a full semi-trucks worth of food for their pop-up food giveaway event. We were grateful to Pastor Sledge for the opportunity to put these resources to good use. The event took place on February 12th, and over 540 families were served on the initial distribution day! We are grateful to Victory World Outreach Ministries for their partnership and for serving the Huntsville area community.