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If you have spent any time in our warehouse, you know how much volunteer service blesses this organization! We could not operate without the hands and hearts of the volunteers that God leads our way. We host thousands of volunteers each year, fostering connections and building relationships throughout the nation. We believe it to be true that as hands are joined for the sake of others, God unites hearts in a supernatural way.

One of the most transformative aspects of our volunteer experience is represented by our SWATT teams (Serving With Available Time and Talent). If you walk around CSM, you may recognize them by their green CSM t-shirts! These volunteers serve on a regular, committed basis, investing their time and energy into the heart of Christian Service Mission. We have SWATT members that serve throughout multiple departments of our organization, including construction, warehouse organization, gardening, and administration!

The most recent additions to our SWATT family have included Lydia, Hartwell, Merida, and Tracy. While these individuals were once strangers (for the most part), they now look forward to sorting resources together in our warehouse each Tuesday. This is one of our favorite things to watch: the community formed within our SWATT teams! They didn’t have a specialized skill- they just came with open hands and open hearts!

We are always excited about new opportunities to grow alongside our Birmingham community. We would love to plug the talent of you and your church family into the ministry of Christian Service Mission. By committing to weekly service (or a few times a month), our SWATT team members have experienced a greater connection to one another, the Church, and ultimately, the Kingdom of God. If you are interested in learning more about the testimonies of our volunteers or joining our family through a SWATT team, please visit our volunteer page!