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Disaster Relief 2022 Update!

Starting in August, we sent nine trucks out to provide relief to those who had natural disasters in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Florida. We partner with CitiImpact as they are the people on the ground where natural disasters happen. They create relationships with the communities affected by natural disasters. Once they make relationships, they get resources from our warehouse. We load up the trucks. Then, they take the resources to the local community partners or churches that can distribute them and share the Gospel with those in need.

  • First, we sent two trucks to Kentucky to provide aid from flooding. In Kentucky, the ground was dry and unable to soak up the rainfall as quickly as was necessary to prevent flooding.
  • Then, the City of Birmingham called for donations to help relieve the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi. They partnered with CSM to send out what was collected. In Jackson, the river flooded, and there was an infrastructure crisis. When the river flooded, it caused failure in a treatment plant, which in turn caused low pressure. Residents remained without drinkable water for several weeks.

CSM sent three trucks of water and other goods (cleaning supplies, PPE, hygiene products, etc.) directly from our warehouse. In addition, we brokered a truck from Coke and Birmingham Water Works and one from the Publix distribution center in Irondale. Those two trucks contained only water. That means we sent out a total of five trucks to Mississippi.

  • Lastly, we sent two trucks containing water, drinks, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, blankets, etc., to Florida for relief from Hurricane Ian.

Speaking of one of sending relief to Florida, listen to this extraordinary God story. Church of the Highlands had a pastor on the ground in Punta Gorda, Florida, and called Tracy, asking him if he could please send a truck to Deep Creek Community Church in Punta Gorda. Tracy told him, “I’m not really in charge of that – CitiImpact is.” However, he said he would ask and pray. Earlier that day, we’d loaded a truck and sent it to Florida. Surprisingly, the COH pastor called the next day to thank Tracy for sending the truck to the church. Tracy said, “I didn’t do that. God did.” When we loaded the truck that morning, we had no idea it was on its way to Deep Creek Community Church! How cool is God?