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Emory Students and Ms. Andrews

Eighteen students from Emory University visited CSM on March 4, 6-7. They had heard about CSM and wanted to come and work with us. These students are part of an organization called Bread Emory. Every year they do an alternative spring break service project.

On Saturday, March 4, they helped in the garden. We are creating wicking beds in our gardens. The students were able to help get our beds and garden ready for spring planting. Several members of our junior board met with them after the work project. They enjoyed the afternoon riding bikes and walking the Jones Valley Trail, located just outside our building.

Bread Emory stayed at St. Mark UMC on Columbiana Rd and attended a local church on Sunday. They also traveled that afternoon to Montgomery to visit the Equal Justice Institute and Memorial.

On Monday and Tuesday, they joined in on our work at Ms. Andrew’s home. The homeowner, in her 70s, inherited her mother’s house, which needed to be cleaned out and made ready for livable use.

Aaron, our Construction Director, talked to the group on Monday morning. Knowing that Ms. Andrews’ mother previously owned this home, he asked the students to be sensitive to any requests she made as they threw things out. The students were very responsive, kind, loving, and thoughtful.

Monday, they worked on cleaning the yard, throwing out items in the home, and scrubbing it. They threw out all the furniture except a couch, chair, and a China cabinet! Much of it was unable to be salvaged.

On Tuesday, they cleaned the carpet and flooring throughout the home and Clorox-ed and wiped down the walls throughout the house. Aaron enjoyed working with all the students. However, two students stood out to him: Taylor for his leadership and Diana for her compassionate heart in prayer and service.

The Galloway family from our partner church, Mountain Brook Community, connected us to Ms. Andrews. It’s been a blessing to partner with each of these people to make way for Ms. Andrews to move into her new home! We are so thankful to see the Lord move in the life of these Emory students, Ms. Andrews, and the Galloway family.