It’s always our favorite day when we get to see and testify God’s provision for our neighbors around the city with the resources He provides to CSM. 

Each month, our construction team drives through neighborhoods looking for those in need of new roofs. Why specifically roofs, you might ask? A bad roof is one of the first signs of a house beginning to rot. Our team specializes in this since it is one of our neighbors’ most difficult financial burdens.

This last month, out of 90 homes looked at, only 15 were chosen for new roofs. One, in particular, came from divine prayer. One homeowner, a woman nearing eighty years of age, found herself financially, physically, and emotionally at the end of her rope. One afternoon she was praying desperately to God for help and specifically for a new roof. Just two weeks later, CSM staff met with her and her pastor outside of her home to pray and announce that CSM will be able to replace her roof. Full of emotion, she sang praises to God for answering her prayer right at the perfect time! As she began telling her story of answered prayer, our team looked at our scheduled routes, and exactly two weeks ago, we were in her neighborhood. It is possible we were looking at her house at the same time she was praying!

These are the stories that remind us that “our work” is really “God’s work.” We have the blessed opportunity to partner with Him and discover how fun it is to listen, serve, and obey His plans. Our lead construction team member, Aaron, shed a tear telling us this story while sharing once again, “We think we’re out there choosing houses, but really God is.”