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One of our long-term ministry partners, Grace’s Kitchen, served over 12,500 plates of homemade food in 2021! They accomplished this by serving nutritious and thoughtful meals through eight local ministries, four of which they do weekly as well as their weekly breakfasts in Linn Park. CSM is proud to have Grace’s Kitchen operating out of the commercial kitchen within our warehouse and thankful to see how they can use the fresh produce we grow in our gardens. Paula Hughes and Lisa Latham, the founders of Grace’s Kitchen, believe that all meals must be something they would serve to their family.  All meals were prepared with the help of over 75 volunteers, many of whom serve every week.

One thing that has remained constant about Grace’s Kitchen since its inception in 2009 is the weekly breakfast in Linn Park. The remarkable thing about these breakfasts is that they are not only filling but are also consistent. Grace’s Kitchen remains committed to serving breakfast in Linn Park every Thursday, rain or shine, and hasn’t missed a single Thursday in 12 years. All breakfasts are served along with a lunch bag filled with scripture. Throughout the year, Interfaith Hospitality House, Hope Inspired Ministries, LegacyWorks, Oaktree Ministries, Brother Bryan Mission, Changed Life Christian Center, and local families in need were fortunate recipients of these delicious meals. Grace’s Kitchen sees those who receive a meal from them not only as their neighbors but as their family.

We are thankful for the hard work of Grace’s Kitchen in meeting the physical needs of our community but are all the more grateful for their deliberate use of these serving opportunities to share the gospel with those around them. They represent the hands and feet of Jesus, and we are expectant to see how the Lord continues to move in Grace’s Kitchen in 2022. You can learn more about Grace’s Kitchen by visiting their website.