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A core value of CSM is to increase the capacity of the local church by providing resources, whether tangible or volunteers, and opportunities for outreach. Our church partners have many programs to meet immediate needs, which are great during this time. This June, we partnered Commissioner Sheila Tyson with Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church to provide resources to more than 1,000 people in the West End community.

CSM provided boxes of food that included frozen meats and pantry staples as well as produce and hygiene items and volunteers from Shades Mountain Baptist, Shades Mountain Community, and Mountain Brook Community Church. Commissioner Tyson’s team organized free Covid-19 testing, voter registration, and census registration, milk, and other perishable food items.

“This what community should look like, black and white together supporting the body of Christ,” said Dr. Micheal W. Wesley Sr, head pastor of Greater Shiloh. This is the Gospel being played out right before our very eyes. Each week, Greater Shiloh distributes food into the community, but this one was just on a bigger scale.
“This is like a grand finale before we start back up on July 1st,” said Commissioner Shelia Tyson.

We are excited about the connections made during this event and the love and care the church is able to provide for those in need.