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Summer is one of our most favorite times at CSM because we have weekly groups who come from all over the greater Birmingham area and throughout the US to serve with us. We love getting to know these groups and several come yearly, and it is so fun to see them grow and hear what they have learned and how God is working their lives. Primarily the groups this summer are working on roofs and decks in Birmingham city and in public and private schools getting them ready for the new school year.

Most of the homeowners are elderly, and they love getting to know these youth too and enjoy having the activity and happy voices outside their windows. One of our homeowners brought out watermelon and ice cream for all to enjoy! It’s important to us to build relationships while we work and often that takes precedence over getting the work finished. A school teacher was overjoyed that she was getting help in her classroom, and the volunteers were thankful to see first-hand how their service was encouraging this teacher!