God’s kindness toward His people continues to encourage us here at Christian Service Mission! One of the most beautiful demonstrations of His transformative power is expressed through our CSM Construction Team. This month, we have had the privilege of knowing and serving Ms. Wynn, a beautiful friend to many and a mighty woman of God. Each morning that our team worked on Ms. Wynn’s home, she would come outside and claim, “Jesus is working on my house today!” This project was one of our favorites of the entire year, as we had our incredible friends from Redeemer Lutheran Church join us from Maryland! This group has teamed up with Aaron Parsons and our construction team for 13 years now- the love that has formed from this partnership is undeniable.

Considering we were connected to Ms. Wynn through the City of Birmingham, we had no idea who she was, what she carried, or the blessing that she would be to the family of Christian Service Mission. Aaron and our SWATT team knew that this experience would be special the moment they met Ms. Wynn. Luke 6:42 explains that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,” they quickly realized that every time Ms. Wynn spoke, she overflowed with thanksgiving to God and love for His people. While the CSM team was able to bless Ms. Wynn with a new roof, new siding, and beautiful new handrails on her front and back porch, what she invested into our team was eternal in value. She strengthened, encouraged, and prayed for every member of our team, filled with joy and delighted that God had answered her prayers for home repairs; “all I had to do was wait- wait on His timing. We have to wait on His timing, not our own” she claimed to our team. Aaron Parsons, our head of construction, explained that at the end of the project, Ms. Wynn and her son claimed that they “loved this house…they couldn’t have said that six weeks ago.”

As the team wrapped up the project, we had the honor of dedicating Ms. Wynn’s home to the Lord with the help of her pastor, Bishop Robert Ray from New Generation Apostolic Church. The presence of God was undeniably near as Redeemer Lutheran Church, CSM, family members of Ms. Wynn, and local Birmingham volunteers joined hands and hearts to thank God for His work in the life of Ms. Wynn and throughout Birmingham, AL. While the project is complete, the relationships from this project will only continue to grow- this is God’s heart, on earth as it is in heaven.