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"We work at a law firm, is there anything that we can do to help the work of Christian Service Mission?"

The answer is absolutely! Starting in 2017, the law firm of Gaines, Gault & Hendrix has been looking for an opportunity to serve alongside of us at CSM. The first event was cancelled by one of our winter storms, but that didn’t stop this determined and excited group of individuals from rescheduling and coming to work on their “day off work”.

This group of about 40 from GGH worked with us to help prepare for two of our big outreaches in 2018! We are working alongside of local partners and churches to help reach the homeless community of our city as well as the underserved moms throughout Birmingham. If you think Mother’s Day doesn’t start until May, you’re wrong!

Mother’s Day at Christian Service Mission started with Gaines, Gault and Hendrix bringing their employees to help sort, count, box and label thousands donated items in the month of January! The moms that we serve and that serve with us deserve more than one day, and with our volunteers, donors and partners that we work with, Mother’s Day is just about a six-month event! So from January to May, from the counting and sorting all the way up to our big Mother’s Day distribution and luncheon where we serve over 1400 sweet and dedicated mothers, we say “Happy early Mother’s Day!”

A big thanks to our friends at Gaines, Gault and Hendrix! We look forward to serving together again. #GGHGives