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Meet Elizabeth Brinkley!

We are excited to introduce you to our new full-time employee! Her name is Elizabeth Brinkley. She serves as the Community Outreach Coordinator.

Elizabeth grew up in Athens, AL, as a homeschool student before attending Samford University. While at Samford, she went on several international trips to Bulgaria. Growing up in a family passionate about reaching the nations with the gospel, Elizabeth had grown somewhat apathetic to missions and never intended to serve overseas. But after her short-term trips, her heart had been changed and she applied to go with Mission to the World in Bulgaria. Her service there totaled three years. Her primary efforts there were anti-sex trafficking and church revitalization work.

She shares four things that she learned while in Bulgaria, though there are many more:

  • The ministry of “being” is often one of the most powerful ways you can care and extend compassion in the lives of those around you.
  • God is always moving and often not how we expect Him to, but that makes it all the more beautiful.
  • Following God is often about obedience to Him in life’s little an, not just in the grandiose moments we often wait for.
  • Personally, she grew to truly experience God as her truest friend, as many of her days she felt the weight of loneliness.

She shared the beauty of how she had caught glimpses of God writing her story and is excited to continue seeing His hand in her life, by His grace. She was even dedicated to the Lord in a dress from Bulgaria that her grandfather brought her parents after one of his mission trips there! Seeing how the Lord will write a grand narrative and story in our lives is fun!

She recently finished her assignment there, returning to Birmingham where she is excited to soak up time with her younger sister, who has just graduated from Samford.

Some fun things about Elizabeth:

  • Her favorite color is black
  • She loves to crochet and go on walks (especially to the Continental Bakery)
  • She loves to be creative and make beautiful spaces
  • She is addicted to LaCroix

She’s a master observer and already fits right in here at CSM. We are so glad to have her here! Stop by and say hello. I’m sure you will receive a blessing!