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Ms. Andrews and Redeemer Maryland

In March, we started telling you about the renovation of Ms. Andrews’ home, which you can read about here. We connected to Ms. Andrews through a family from Mountain Brook Community Church.

The last week in April, a group from Redeemer Lutheran Church from Maryland spent a week with us, helping paint and renovate Ms. Andrews’ home further. Redeemer Lutheran Church is one of our long-term partnerships. The people who come may change a bit here and there, but these men and women come to serve with Christian Service Mission once or twice a year, often working on some of our long-term housing projects. They come to help via the ministry of construction and renovating homes, but they love to meet the homeowners, build a relationship with them, and share Christ’s love, sometimes bringing youth and adults. We love the relationships we’ve built with them and especially appreciate their continued support, even as CSM grows and changes.

After the group left, Aaron and his SWATT team continued to work on installing new and needed items in Ms. Andrews’ home, such as flooring, furniture, cabinetry, appliances, and more. The transformation in Ms. Andrews’ home is fantastic!

In May, CSM held a prayer closeout and dedication for Ms. Andrews so that she and her daughter could move in and enjoy her new home! Many people who have been a part of Ms. Andrew’s life attended the dedication. Remembering what the Lord has done for Ms. Andrews and her family was a sweet time!