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A New Home for the Holidays

Ms. Tashara is a single mother of two boys, one of whom will need a lung and heart transplant when he gets old enough (between the ages of seven and eight). He’s currently two years old, and with his special needs, he is often in and out of the hospital. At some point, a small house fire damaged her home, and she needed the siding replaced. She also needed a new roof and needed interior work as well from problems caused by the leaky roof and fire.

First Christian Church (FCC) from Johnson City, TN, one of our regular summer partners, came in June and helped rebuild the deck on Ms. Tashara’s home. We are so thankful for this church’s ministry to Ms. Tashara. We replaced the roof and helped transform her kitchen with cabinets and new flooring.

Our SWATT team continued the work on Ms. Tashara’s home after FCC left. They painted, finished work on her kitchen, updated her bathroom, and fixed a plumbing problem.

This month, Redeemer Lutheran Church from Damascus, Maryland, sent seven people to help us in our construction ministry. Redeemer comes to CSM at least once or twice a year, and we are so grateful for them. This team replaced the flooring in her bedrooms and continued tidying her exterior by painting her foundation.

Ms. Tashara is a delight. She says her older son can’t wait to come home from school and see what new updates have happened each day. One of his favorite parts about her updated kitchen is sliding in his socked feet across the smooth floors. Ms. Tashara says, “She can’t believe this is her kitchen. It’s like she is cooking out of a magazine!” It warms our hearts that we can care for her while she cares for her precious sons!

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