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Our Executive Director, Tracy Hipps, often says, “God is in the multiplication business” So, multiplication is what we strive for at CSM. Whether that’s through resourcing the local church to increase their impact or by allowing donations to multiply in value by purchasing and distributing in bulk, we recognize that God is the ultimate multiplier. We wait for the Lord to lead and bolster efforts and watch as His blessings multiply in everything that we do. We recently saw God multiply our food ministry in a big way.

In 2020, we purchased $500,000 over our food budget to meet the increased food needs brought on by Covid-19. Distributing this food through our church partners, we were able to provide thousands of families with food. In total we were able to send out 1.3million dollars worth of resources during this period. We saw communities change by consistently meeting food and other needs through weekly distributions in East Lake, West End, and others.

This year, CSM received a reimbursement from the Jefferson County Cares Act replenishing the $500,000 spent on food last year! Hipps felt like the only thing to do was give it back to the Lord and allow him to continue multiplying- which led to purchasing $500,000 of food resources to go out to the community! We see God show up in significant ways turning our original food purchase into double the amount to continue serving His people.  When we say your donation to CSM is multiplied here, we mean it.

This purchase will allow us to distribute thousands of food boxes over the next six months into the communities we serve. These boxes that already have been multiplied by God may also include frozen chicken, meats, fresh produce, dairy, bread, etc., depending on what we have available.

We are so thankful for the way the Lord continues to not only provide but to multiply.