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The Lord gifted Birmingham with a mild winter and beautiful weather for construction projects held in CSM’s first quarter. Our construction team put in 198 construction volunteer hours for February alone!!

So far this year, our construction crew has completed these projects: five roofs, one home siding, and one major outdoor cleanup. And we continue working on the interior of Mr. Arrington’s home. In March, we were excited to host two out-of-town ministry organizations that helped finish these projects and a large project at Forward Church.

Matthew 6:25-34 reminds us of the Lord’s faithfulness and provision when our needs arise. His provision has been on full display, with many answered homeowners’ prayers. One of our favorite stories in 2022 is from a homeowner who got a new roof. She had been praying for someone who could help her repair her roof for a long time, and thankfully God led her to us. When we saw the conditions of the roof, our construction crew began the application process with the city of Birmingham. Within a month, the application for a roof was accepted, and construction began. On the rainy day of March 16, 2022, the homeowner called Christian Service Mission praising the Lord because while it was raining heavily outside, it was dry inside. The Lord’s faithful provision was evident. 

Often, our homeowners have waited for years for help with their homes. Yet, in this waiting, we see the abundant faith of the homeowners for God to provide for this need. Their faith increases our faith in what God can and will do. One of our homeowners waited for construction approval to begin replacing her roof for over a year. This wait was primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Water from the roof over her back porch poured into her kitchen each time it rained. She placed a large city garbage can under her leaks to contain the water during every storm. She was constantly washing the towels she used to soak up the puddles on the floor. However, God fulfilled His promises to her, and He soon allowed CSM to step in and provide a new roof. We are so thankful to be a part of her life and God’s plan to give her a healthier home and a renewed spirit!

Stories like these two encourage Christian Service Mission’s continued vision to connect resources with needs. We make new friends in Christ every day by uniting with those who have needs. As we continue to serve, our connections within the community flourish and lead us to help more brothers and sisters throughout God’s kingdom.