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PY48 Homeowner Stories

February has been super busy in the construction arm of CSM! We have started a new grant with the City of Birmingham Community Development office – PY48. As a result, we have replaced ten roofs! We love to see how the Lord works in the lives of our homeowners. It’s one of my favorite aspects of our work at CSM.

We would love to highlight all ten homeowners, but today, we will showcase four. Each received a new roof.

Ms. Witherspoon is a former police officer and bounty hunter. She also previously worked in the burn unit at UAB. In 2021, she broke her leg, which left her disabled, and she regularly uses a leg brace. We love Ms. Witherspoon and hope to continue our relationship and provide her with a handicap ramp. However, she’s determined not to let her disability slow her down.

In December, Ashley Furniture’s employees donated hundreds of food baskets to give away turkeys and food for Christmas. CSM coordinated volunteers to deliver the food baskets. On our list to receive a food basket was Mr. McClinton, and God knew he would need more than food. Mr. McClinton needed rescuing, and our volunteers would do just that. That trip to his home led to one of the ladies climbing into his window to help him and call 911 so that an ambulance could come. He stayed in the hospital for over a month to recover from various things! Katy and the two volunteers, Emily and Ginger, visited him in the hospital to encourage him and pray for him. He made a big impression on Katy, saying, “we don’t need to be greedy with God. We need to be thankful for what He’s given.”

You met Ms. Williams in the fall, where we replaced her siding and windows and painted her home. We used Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) block grant money to replace her roof. CSM’s electrician recently worked in the interior of her house, replacing much of the electrical system and adding it in rooms where needed.

We all have an idea of what a kitchen should have. They typically have ovens, fridges, sinks, cabinets, and counters. In Ms. Williams’ kitchen, she has a refrigerator and a couple of chairs where she sits her microwave and crockpot. She often cooks with a crockpot and, in the past, had to unplug the fridge to cook her food. There are no counters, no cabinets, and even no sink. Recently, Ms. Williams bought an oven, but she’s yet to unpack it from its box and put it to use. We are excited to continue our partnership with Ms. Williams, serving her and her son.

Our last homeowner is Mr. Hill. He’s currently in his 70s. He is a veteran of the marines from 1970-1972, was a former tennis coach, and was even inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Alabama Tennis Foundation in 2022. For the past three years, Mr. Hill had one heart attack a year, all in April – 2022, 2021, and 2022, where he received treatment in the VA hospital. While he’s cleared and considered heart-healthy today, let’s pray for him through April this year!