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Here’s a story about rebuilding hope. Several weeks ago, you may have seen on our social media accounts that Vestavia Hills High School ONE Birmingham Service Club cleaned up Ms. Nash’s yard in preparation for housing repairs. She lives with her daughter and two granddaughters. ONE Bham Service Club members raked and mowed the yard so that it would be ready for Ascension Lutheran of California and Redeemer Church of Maryland to work on the house.

These church groups continued the necessary work on Ms. Nash’s home: cleaning the yards, repairing the exterior, placing new siding, and adding a coat of paint. Through this experience, they served and learned the value of community and the universal church. These groups come from two different regions of the United States, but they share a passion for serving like Christ.

Matthew 18:20 proclaims, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

The two groups shared how it was great to provide clearing on the sides of the Nash House for Ms. Nash’s granddaughters. The girls love soccer and have a set of goals that they could not use because of the overgrown lot. After the work of Ascension and Redeemer, they can safely enjoy the outdoors.

Ms. Nash brought her 90-year-old mother over to see the progress made on the house. Ms. Nash’s mother is the former homeowner of the house and was pleased to see the significant improvements in the home. Seeing their excited expressions and joy from seeing the house renewed was a blessing. Both Ms. Nash and her mom felt encouraged and blessed by their ‘new’ home.

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