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Spotlight on Jacquie Schaffers

Jacquie Schaffers worked here this summer as our Summer Intern Coordinator. She has been a great benefit to us through the summer season. She is a schoolteacher and works at an elementary school in Irondale in PreK, but she always takes a summer job and likes being around people who are different. While here this summer, she managed the summer interns and coordinated projects for our summer groups to work on when they came to serve.

An intriguing thing about Jacquie is that she’s been involved with Christian Service Mission for many years and has seen how we operate from many different aspects. In high school, her parents challenged her and her siblings to find a place to serve. Her brother found Christian Service Mission, and her family came several times to deliver Thanksgiving meals to families.

After high school, Jacquie got her degree at Auburn, and once she finished at Auburn, she wanted to find a place to serve again. Due to her service earlier, CSM came to mind. She reached out, and upon doing so, she helped found the Junior Board. She’s been on the Jr. Board for five years and currently serves as the President. The Jr. Board exists so that our executive director can mentor younger generations in the philosophy of Christian community development, and they serve as CSM advocates to their communities and churches.

As a schoolteacher at a Title 1 school, Jacquie has also received the ministry of CSM through our Back-to-School events and giveaways. Most teachers have been shocked to see such a large amount of resources for use in their classrooms. The variety and amount of resources have been a big blessing, and Jacquie has seen how the teachers react to CSM’s ministry. The church that serves her school is Arise. When Arise sets up the school supplies for the teachers, they pray over the principal and anyone who wishes to receive prayer. Their prayer ministry and prophetic words have been a big blessing to Jacquie. She sees how this church has come to their school for three years and has begun to develop relationships with the teachers.

While working here this summer, she got an inside view of how CSM functions more profoundly and often tells summer groups that CSM works because we base everything we do on prayer.

Jacquie’s favorite part about working here this summer is leading groups and getting to know people. She’s moved by watching people work to further the gospel by sorting goods in our warehouse. Her favorite questions to ask people in the warehouse are: “Did you grow up in the church?” and “What are your five favorite things?” She says, “Difference is good. I want to learn from people’s differences. It’s the people that make something incredible. Without relationships, this ministry doesn’t work.” Her favorite thing about working with the interns has been to lead and be a friend to them. She loves seeing them grow in confidence and skill.

We are so thankful you were here this summer, Jacquie! You’ve been a blessing!