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Clemson Navigators Article:

This month we were able to host nearly 50 students from Clemson University who are
part of the Navigators, a college campus ministry. For the past several years these
students have been making the journey down to Birmingham to serve with us during
their spring break. While these students could have spent their time off from school in a
more typical time of rest and vacation, they sacrificed themselves and came to serve
with us. The cumulative hours of their service are valued at roughly $35,000 of work –
look at God!

Through their time given, we were able to:

● Put siding on two homes
● Begin interior renovations on one home
● Clean the grounds and landscape at our campus
● Prepare our garden for a new season of planting
● Sort items from our corporate partners
● Take down fences in our warehouse to update our interior
● Organize our food supply

The gift of their service will have a long-lasting impact in our community for months and
years to come! We are so grateful for this team of students who have come and jumped
right into our ministry.