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We all have experienced significant changes this summer. Still, Historic Bethel Baptist Church has made an enormous effort for their students to experience a bit of normalcy by continuing to host their annual summer camp. Students receiving virtual tutoring and STEAM exercises Monday-Thursday to help prevent summer learning loss. But, on Fridays, the campers can gather together and enjoy a field trip in socially distanced outdoor spaces. On one Friday, the students took a field trip to the CSM gardens!

We started the day with an exciting scavenger hunt, where the campers got to know the garden by finding things like something fuzzy, something smelly, or something you can put on pizza!”

After our hunt, students learned about our honey bees and watched Farmer Kate do a great demonstration of beekeeping. We then talked about plants and started our very own radish, pea, and pepper seeds that the kids took to care for at home.

To end the day, we harvested green beans and sent almost twelve pounds of green beans home with the campers to eat with their families! We had a great time with the students from Bethel and hope to see them again soon!