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Our gardens are growing immensely with all of the summer rain and sunshine. We sometimes lose sight of our garden volunteers in the corn stalks; they are so high!

Moreover, this month is especially exciting for our CSM gardens and our partner garden, Greater Shiloh. Both gardens are already producing, and we are harvesting a significant amount of vegetables. CSM gardens have sugar snap peas and snap beans, while Greater Shiloh has a heap of squash, collards, and cucumbers. Gardener Len at Greater Shiloh says the cucumbers are the biggest hit in the neighborhood, and he can hardly get them picked off the vine in time before the rest of the church gets to them!

Both gardens are looking forward to July because they know the tomatoes, peppers, and corn will ripen and fill many hungry stomachs. Speaking of which, we often get asked what happens with the CSM produce we pick. The answer is beautiful in that it all goes directly to Grace’s Kitchen, a nonprofit located right inside the CSM headquarters. Their team is already preparing meals with food from our gardens, allowing them to serve ministries around Birmingham and feed those in need. And the produce from Greater Shiloh goes to those they care for, children in the daycare and summer camps, and the elderly in the nursing home next door!