Did you know CSM has a SWATT team? Unlike the commonly known meaning of the word SWAT, our SWATT team is a group of volunteers who have lovingly received this title as an acronym for “Serving With Available Time and Talent.” CSM relies heavily on volunteers to get the job done and are incredibly thankful for those who are consistent and committed.

Our Construction SWATT team consists of five men (although it has changed throughout the years), each retired from different backgrounds, and not all having experience in construction. Construction team leader, Aaron Parsons, says, “You don’t have to have construction talent to be on the team, you just have to show up, and I will teach you the rest.” He jokes that one of his current SWATT members “came in holding the hammer the wrong way and now has dozens of houses under his belt.” The SWATT team assists in all things construction- repairing roofs on homes, reconstructing interiors, building decks, handicap ramps, and even constructing significant projects on our campus like our greenhouses and commercial kitchen.

The SWATT team’s service also impacts lives. Because they are here weekly, they invest in each homeowner, are able to share the gospel, and make lasting relationships. A special memory for the SWATT team was working on a house that was recommended to be condemned. CSM rebuilt the roof structure, provided new siding and windows, new carpet and flooring, sheetrock, and paint to make it a safe and comfortable home. During the project, the SWATT team invested in the homeowner, creating a relationship that is still strong today.

One thing the SWATT team claims about serving with CSM is, “You think you are coming to serve others, but find out that God is really after your heart. It changes you.”

Thanks for all of your hard work, SWATT team!