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Supplying Thanksgiving Meals to Families in Need

We are gearing up for our Thanksgiving outreach, where we will distribute 7,000 boxes of food to 50 church partners. Those partners will, in turn, connect the food boxes and frozen turkeys to people in their communities in various ways. Some do drive-thru food lines, and others will do a home delivery of a food box for someone in need. As part of our preparation for Thanksgiving, we have church partners who serve in the warehouse, packing the boxes on our food line. It is a lot of fun! People almost always love serving in the food line. It is a fast-paced project and takes about 40 people to run it efficiently. We often use this service opportunity to pair churches from urban areas with suburban areas, and usually, the churches that serve together have already established relationships. We love seeing those relationships deepen through service. Our food line service opportunities begin in the fall and end the weekend before Thanksgiving. We’ve already put together 4,000 food boxes this year! It’s such a lively and fun way to spend two hours on a Saturday morning, and what joy it is to know that we are doing kingdom work to meet the needs of people in our city during the holiday season! The blessings abound!