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After a season of deeply feeling that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few, God has brought us more staff members! We welcomed three new hires in January and are sharing a little bit of who they are below:

Micah Chestnut is our facilities and warehouse manager with years of experience in this field of work. He is a faithful Bethel Baptist church member and an associate pastor. He prayerfully seeks out relationships with the youth in the community and has a heart bent toward discipling young men. He has a beautiful wife, and they both clearly love serving the Lord! They have two sons and are passionate about being an example to the church youth of what Godly commitment to marriage and family can look like. He believes “people are more receptive to what you do than what you say,” and while he may be considered a man of few words when he does speak, that which he has to say is always worth listening to. Micah’s servant heart is abundantly evident to all who enter our doors!

Lisa Hudson comes to us through a confirmation of her ministry calling. She has served in an ongoing ministry role through her church, Harvest Community, and local ministry for over three decades, also having worked in event management for eight years. Lisa recently resigned from her position by faith to pursue her calling back to full-time ministry. She was introduced to Christian Service Mission several years ago when she met Pastor Tracy while attending KAA (Kids Across America) in Branson, MO, with her church group. She will serve as a part-time administrative coordinator at CSM and is grateful to be part of the team. She is passionate about sharing the Love of Jesus Christ with others as a servant leader. She’s single, enjoys a quiet moment to read, and her favorite pastime these days is spending time with her adorable new god-grandson.

Shontá Jones comes to us after serving the elderly in Birmingham, where she gained more profound clarity into how God has created her to be compelled by love and justice in her work. As she continued understanding how she was made, she decided to expand what God was doing in her through a different field of work. She began praying for the Lord to open a door, heard we were hiring, and came in for an interview. Her passion for love and justice to be extended to those she was serving was evident, and we are excited to bring her onto our team! Shontá lived in Kentucky until 2016, so she is somewhat of a newer Birmingham resident! She is happily married to her husband and has two daughters. When asked for a fun fact about herself, she said, “You’ll never guess it! I love riding motorcycles!” She is already such a gift by the way her quiet spirit and warm presence powerfully sets the tone for the spaces she enters. She also has a deep love for the church and is a faithful, joyful member of Love Fellowship. She was raised in the Body and said of the church, “As I continue to grow and mature spiritually, I can’t do without it!” She will be serving in a primarily administrative role.