A Last Will and Testament is essential for every person to have so that all you have worked for will be divided the way you want. God has a “will” for all to be a part of his Kingdom and His work here on Earth.

Matthew 6: 10 says, “May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.”

We “Will” to be a part of God’s Kingdom work now while the days are before us. CSM is about connecting people and activities to the purposes of God here on Earth. Working primarily through the church, we are to build relational connections so that the King’s work will go on every day. These events, activities, projects, and outreaches are to invite and invest in people’s lives so that a difference can be seen, heard, and a relationship will be built, and the Kingdom will be expanded and advanced into eternity.

The “Will” of God is what He wants from us. He guides us daily as we seek the peace and prosperity of the city he has placed before us. Our primary mission is to affect people, for the Kingdom, and make disciples of those in our daily path. God’s “WILL” will be done with or without us. Please choose today to be a part of “King’s Will.”

I long for heaven and the work we will do there and the relationship that will continue due to the activities, events, projects, and relationships forged here on Earth. This will be our eternal destiny, and it will be glorious because of the Lord and all the saints that will join us forever.

This season, we join together with churches and schools to provide needed supplies to thousands of teachers and students preparing to go back to school. This outreach will allow people to engage with people and use supplies to bridge this gap, and this is the “Will” of God for this season.