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This Volunteer Spotlight goes out to Mountain Brook Community Church’s Youth Group Staff! Chris Morgan, Lauren Caldwell, Skot Montgomery, and Sarah Tomei, and many other staff members of MBCC, have been volunteering weekly at CSM since mid-April of this year. CSM and Mountain Brook Community Church have been partners for many years.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions, Chris Morgan stated that the church’s youth ministry changed, and the staff had more free time. Chris saw this free time as an opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with CSM and to give back to the community.

Mr. Morgan feels it is essential to serve because it is easy to get caught up in planning ministry activities and lose sight of the overall mission. He said that he and his team had felt a genuine conviction of the injustices happening in the world regarding racial tension. They wanted to volunteer at a place that is actively a part of the conversation on racial division and taking action against racial injustices.

"The demographics of our church weren't matching the demographics of our heart. CSM has given us the opportunity to connect with other groups in our community, that we would not have likely met otherwise."

The youth staff group expressed that their favorite part about volunteering at CSM is building relationships with the employees and living out the mission. CSM is so thankful for MBCC’s Youth Group Staff and their willingness to tackle any volunteer job!