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to do justice, and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God

Micah 6:8

We classify all of the work we do into one of three major categories. Click on the links below to learn how the Lord is working throughout the community of Birmingham for His name.


Lasting change begins when resources are connected to those who need them. We utilize our 3.85 acre campus to help distribute these resources to increase health equity, support communities through natural disasters, facilitate various initiatives, and more!



By providing opportunities for ongoing education and mentoring in the community, we are able to support schools and afterschool programs with volunteers and resources. While providing tools for better education, these programs also provide opportunities for cross-cultural relationships, racial reconciliation discussions and workshops, and training opportunities around youth engagement, volunteerism, and how to work with the poor.



We build and repair homes to improve living conditions, restore neighborhoods, and revitalize communities of “the least of these” within the inner city of Birmingham. We partner with churches, businesses, agencies, and volunteers to construct a team to fund and complete our construction projects. While working in the community, we are focused on loving and serving the residents, helping them to improve their homes, and encouraging them to create healthier lives spiritually, physically, and socially.