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It may be cold outside, but our greenhouses are keeping our vegetables nice and cozy this winter! Our gardens stay busy year-round growing vegetables and serving through our commercial kitchen resident, Grace’s Kitchen.  This winter, we are growing collard greens, cabbages of many varieties, broccoli, kale, lettuces, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower- all flourishing in our hydroponic systems! This Fall, we made the switch to hydroponics for both greenhouses and said goodbye to our friendly fish and aquaponic farming. The new change has allowed us to be more efficient and to streamline our growing process, producing the highest quality crops! We converted the fish house into a seed-starting room,  with full-spectrum UV lights, a sink, workstation, and all in a temperature controlled environment. Because of this, we have experienced greater seed yield and healthier plants overall. The garden team is looking forward to starting seeds for spring very soon and are busy preparing for an exciting summer full of educational opportunities and hands-on activities for our partners to learn about growing food! Garden volunteers are always needed. If you love digging in the dirt, please go to our volunteer tab and join us in the garden.