It has now been 9 years since the Lord brought me to CSM and the vision He gave me has matured, but has never changed. It is the vision of seeing Oneness in our relationship with God and with others. It seems so simple, yet have we ever tasted this type of relationship within the church or in the communities we serve? Over the holidays, I read Tony Evan’s book called “Oneness Embraced” and I was challenged. Dr. Evans has set a course for others to follow with a “Kingdom Agenda” series. After 35 years in ministry, this books has helped me to better define the pillars in the Bible that drive CSM philosophy. Psalms 89:14 says, “Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of your throne. Unfailing love and truth walk before you as attendants.” We have to be balanced in our lives to reflect both Biblical justice and righteousness. I love Evans word “Biblical Justice” which he defines as the “equitable and impartial application of the rule of God’s moral law in society.” Biblical justice is a lens to see Birmingham and CSM working to see the gospel lived out in our communities.

Biblical justice is a lens to see Birmingham and CSM working to see the gospel lived out in our communities.

Then the other side of the scale, in order to be in balance, is “Righteousness.” Evans defines righteousness as being in right relationship with God and man. This is why the Bible calls us all to the ministry of reconciliation. This process helps us get in line with God and with others. (Eph. 4:24, 2 Cor 6:7) Today, our culture defines how we are to live which is so opposed to how the Bible has instructed us to live before all men. For the last 40+ years I have tried to be a righteous man, seeking the Father through time alone and with fellow brothers in Christ. I want right thinking that is lined up with the Word. I want right feelings that are in touch with a Lord who loves me and others deeply. I want right speaking which reflect living life with the principles of scripture and I want right behavior which is living life peacefully with all mankind.

This year at CSM we are focused on these two pillars: Biblical Justice and Righteousness as we connect, serve, and mobilize the body of Christ to do the same. In this, we will see transformed lives that influence our churches, communities, and families with the values of a kingdom agenda. We want you to join us for the next nine years, transforming communities through Christ.

Tracy Hipps

Executive Director