I wake up everyday day with the voice of my Father, ready for our time together. I cannot wait to sit down to listen to my Father’s words. My Father knows me best and loves me more. In December 1977, I was adopted into my Father’s family, and I have never looked back. Today, 40 years later, my Father calls out my name and knows every hair on my head. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is so intimate with me and meets me in this place. He knows what is best and what I need daily to live, breath, and serve Him.

I have been asked over the last few years to write a book about my stories, and I always say, “The book has been written, and it is The Word.” Over the last few years during my daily journaling I have written devotions that come from my time with my Father. The last couple of months, every journal entry has been about my Father. I have one voice that echoes in my head, and that voice is my Father’s. I remember what my Father says when I need to respond to situations. I listen for the voice of my Father as I lead the CSM team daily. I talk about my Father to all who will listen, and I repeat what He says through the day.

The book has been written, and it is The Word.

My Father knows best when it comes to relationships and with whom to invest. For me, my greatest praise is the relationship I have with my children as their father. My Father knows best when He is teaching me how to be a father and now, a grandfather. I love being with my grandkids and watching them grow up. My grandson, Kyler, just celebrated his 5th birthday. My prayer is that my son will be the best father he can be for his sons. I have learned to be a father only by spending time with my Father.

This article is not specifically about CSM or about our work and accomplishments. Because without the relationship with My Father, I would not be where I am, and CSM would not be where it is. CSM is an amazing place to serve, and I serve alongside amazing people who are all walking in relationship with our Father. We are a family of servants walking in the path and guided by our Father. This holiday season, my prayer is that my Father would become your Father and that we will walk as a family.  We do service because we are called to serve, but our stories are what we will take with us into eternity. My Father knows best and He loves you the most.

Tracy Hipps

Executive Director