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The Lord calls us to live for Him first and let His word influence every area of our life. At CSM, we focus on equipping fellow believers to work out their faith in their spheres of influence. We started the Junior Board two years ago to bring together like-minded young professionals to learn from each other and to expose them to conversations, teachings, and people who would hopefully expand their faith and leadership in their communities. One member, William Patton, reflects on his time with CSM’s Junior Board and how his involvement at CSM is shaping his life.  

The Junior Board equips members through monthly meetings led by local pastors, spiritual leaders, and even Godly business owners. Some of these speakers have included Dr. Thomas Beavers from The Star Church in East Lake, Pastor Alton Hardy from Urban Hope Community Church in Fairfield, and Dr. Robert Record of Christ Health Center in Woodlawn. These leaders have challenged us on race, righteousness, and justice for our city during the meetings.

William said he was first interested in joining the CSM Junior Board because he “has a passion for addressing food deserts and nutritional education challenges in urban areas and a desire to see Birmingham flourish. CSM allowed me to explore the needs of our city, and the junior board introduced me to men and women who continue to inspire, encourage, and teach me about ways to make a difference.”

William also said, “the training, discipleship, and exposure to speakers and ministries in our city sets an example and foundation for future leadership.”   

We are excited to continue to invest in young people’s lives through the Junior Board and allow them a space to learn, contribute, and process current day issues that they are facing in their communities.

William Patton is the Director of Marketing at his current company and a member of Covenant Presbyterian Church.