We walk daily into the deep with people and sit in the uncomfortable tension of cross-cultural work. Mixing denominations, socioeconomic complexities, faith backgrounds, political ideas, “feel-goodism,” cultural divides, physical divides, and any other kind of separation that we’ve been taught for so long not to talk about, and it can be uncomfortable. Our staff at CSM is committed to continually learn and stand in the tension, challenging our preconceived ideas and beliefs so that we can walk closer to Jesus and meet people wherever they are in their walk.

When the EJI Museum and Memorial opened, we knew it would be an incredible experience, and we finally took the opportunity to close operations for a day so we could experience this together. It was a powerful day.

We encourage you to take the opportunity to lean into what is uncomfortable, feel challenged by what you have never heard before, and then make space to reflect with the Lord, asking Him what He would have you to do next.