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There is only one Kingdom and one God whom we are all serving. Over this past month, I have been constantly reminded of this. I hope you’ll be encouraged by my sharing of just a few stories that exemplify this from the past month.

This week I was meeting with some students at a local school, and this one student shared her testimony about how she came to Christ. Now she is investing in others, and she told of her journey to the heart of God. I was so moved and inspired! The God we serve is so in love with each of us and has us on his mind and heart. He has been knocking on the door he invites us all to; he has been knocking, and many open it, but so few walk into it. At 17 years old, this one young lady is being used by God to impact her world for Christ.  It was her high school friend who set the example that helped her change. One life touching another will bring change.

This week I was in a meeting with a group of men, and as we shared, it was so evident that the spirit of God was upon our time. It was not my meeting, I was just a part of the meeting, but the One Intimate God we serve is intimately concerned for the poor among us. The One Personal God we serve has allowed us into his presence to hear from Him as we listen to Him.

This past Sunday, I was preparing to share a short introduction to CSM in a local church. As I was praying and meditating upon God, this one song came to my mind and it was Mercy by Matt Redman, and I sat back and listened to it about five times over and over. During the service at this Church, I shared, and that went well, but after I sat down, the worship pastor sang the same song, Mercy. The One Merciful God we serve gets my attention every day as He guides my path to Shalom.

This past Sunday, I shared in a class of my peers the story of the One God that met me at 19 years old and called out my name. Every time I share the testimony of the One Lord and Savior who calls out our name and who knows us by name, I am in awe. The One God who knows our name is calling out our name for use in the One Kingdom.

This week my daughter had our 5th grandson, Asher. The birth of a child reveals the One Creator whom we serve is still allowing babies to be born into this world to make a difference in the lives of others. As I held him, I praised my One Father in heaven for entrusting this child into the care of our family and friends and all who will help raise him in fear of the One Lord. We are all a part of this One family of God.

This past Saturday at CSM, we had two churches serving together to make Thanksgiving food boxes. It was so cool to see the two churches perform as one team of box makers for the Kingdom. We spent time working and time-sharing, but the fellowship as we continued to be One in conversation about the One Church was the blessing of our time together. At CSM, we believe that we serve the One Church, with our One Family for the Oneness we share with our One Lord in this life and the One Kingdom to come. Thank you for being One Kingdom.  This Thanksgiving, the One Church will serve 6,000 families in 45 local church locations to glorify One God in this One Kingdom.