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This year we have seen the hand of God move mightily in our partnerships with the churches in our city, and we know many have come to Christ for the first time. We have witnessed the Kingdom of God on the move as we maneuver one of the most challenging times in modern history for our world. The Lord has been teaching us about the Kingdom here on earth and how we all must work together to solve universal health problems these last few years. We must work together to see Biblical Justice prevail in our cities. It has shown us that we must work together as a unified Church for the Kingdom now and eternally. We pray “thy Kingdom come” today for this generation to learn how to grow in Biblical Justice and righteousness as our foundation for their faith—winning the lost to Christ, discipling followers in their faith through the church, and working out our faith through action.

We have seen churches work together as we have never seen in the 50 years of CSM. We had churches working together this summer and fall, making Thanksgiving food boxes. Churches across racial, denominational, and cultural lines served together to create food boxes and outreach events for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The gospel reached thousands of families this fall through more than one hundred outreach events.

We have seen pastors meeting together, and the relationships are growing deeper. The challenges of the last two years have built a spirit of oneness amongst these small groups of pastors. We pray for one another, encourage one another, and commit to walking in unity and harmony together.

More than ever before, leaders are coming to a greater understanding of what it looks like to work together to do Biblical Justice in our city. As leaders, we have a responsibility to create a culture for those that follow to have a Godly example of justice and righteousness. We have discussed our roles in bringing change into the environments we find ourselves involved and how we can take up the mantel of Biblical leadership to influence our culture with the values of the Kingdom.

We must learn to be One Kingdom together and live out Kingdom values while on earth to be ready for the eternal life we will live with our Father. “Thy Kingdom come,” thy will is to be done here on earth in every person we touch, in every place we step, and in every moment of our day. In 2021, “thy Kingdom” did come in so many ways. And we pray that “thy will” will be DONE in 2022 in an even greater way to see Shalom in our city.