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There are times when CSM’s connecting resources with needs can take your breath away. On Wednesday, January 10th, we were all part of the joyful blessing as we celebrated a home dedication with a family in Ensley, Alabama  Jay and Tamika have been friends with CSM for some time and when we learned about their desire to own their own home we were grateful for the opportunity to partner with them so they could take the next steps into home ownership.

Within a couple of months, Jay and Tamika were ready to move in. With the help of a group of students from Niceville and our decorating-expert/house-warming volunteers, the house quickly became a home. One of the lead volunteers, Jane Anne Stone, gathered all of the furniture and decorations to fully furnish the home in just a couple of weeks. She said it was incredible to see the Lord work and provide in ways above and beyond what was expected. Jane Anne started with a rug and some furniture from the CSM warehouse. When she asked her friends on Facebook if they wanted to donate anything for the home, she received offers within minutes. Not only was the donated furniture exactly what was needed, it also matched the rug, and other furniture perfectly.

The way all these details came together as people so willingly surrounded this couple, was a perfect reminder that the Lord cares for even the smallest details of our lives, and that He is able to provide for everything we need. Tracy Hipps challenged everyone there, and before entering their new home, Jane Anne and Tracy prayed over Jay and Tamika for Holy protection, guidance, and wisdom in the endeavor of owning a home for the first time. Over the next two years, we will continue in our relationship with Jay and Tamika to support and mentor them to achieve their family and financial goals.

— Written by Riley Cowell who is interning with CSM from Fall 2017-May 2018 as she pursues her Masters of Social Work from Samford University.