Love Fellowship Christian Center (LFCC) was planted in 2006 and has partnered with CSM for several years.┬áTheir mission is “to win non-Christians to the body of Christ, to train church members to become disciples for Christ, and to help raise a nation of followers of Christ.”

CSM’s partnership with LFCC increases their capacity giving them more opportunities to distribute resources into the community and reaching those in need. The two organizations have held a Valentine’s Day giveaway to students and given out toys, clothing, bikes, tech supplies, household items, diapers, and cleaning supplies to the Adamsville community. LFCC has even helped our construction team in painting and renovating houses and regularly volunteers in our warehouse.

For months now, LFCC has partnered with us to distribute food boxes. Each week, Pastor Standfield and other church members meet those looking for additional food support with a smile and an opportunity to assist them with food boxes made at CSM. Many opportunities are made through these boxes to serve, pray for, and let them know they are welcome at this church. We are so thankful for LFCC’s partnership in all aspects of our ministry, but especially their commitment to distributing these food boxes each week, rain or shine.

Fellowship is another vital part of this partnership. CSM and LFCC have been able to build personal relationships through monthly meetings with Tracy (CSM’s Executive Director) and Pastor Standfield, as well as a race-relations Zoom call earlier this year. These connections are invaluable sources of unity and service within our city.

LFCC is located in Adamsville, Alabama. They have a variety of ministries to get involved in and have services on Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. You can also watch the live stream of their 11:00 a.m. service on their Facebook page. You can find more information about them by visiting their website.