Christian Service Mission aims to connect resources with needs by working through the local church. CSM partners with more than 100 churches in the Birmingham area who are doing incredible work in their communities. Today, we want to introduce you to New Rising Star, also known as The Star, located in East Lake. The Star has served in the East Lake Community with excellence for 50 years, and 2020 has looked no different!

Because one of the driving doctrines of The Star is to see “oppressed people have equal opportunity for a better quality of life on earth,” The Star has developed many programs in addition to church life. These programs focus on opportunities in education, financial literacy, workforce development, housing, and recreation.

The church has an early childhood education facility that adapted to a safe virtual learning facility during Covid-19. The Star also has its own Federal Credit Union that assists the community with financial needs and provides financial education. Other programs include housing reconstruction, recreational fitness, and cooking classes, and even workforce development. 

When Covid-19 began, the church uniquely met many needs due to these already existing programs. For months, The Star has organized a weekly food-box distribution to the community with items from the USDA, the Community Food Bank, and the Christian Service Mission. With virtual learning, the church provides a safe and supervised place for children to conduct school work and still be fed breakfasts and lunches.  

Christian Service Mission is honored to partner with such an active and passionate congregation and leadership team at The Star through food, resources, and even gardens. Check out their website for updated info on their virtual services and ways to get involved!