Christian Service Mission has a beautiful community of volunteers, ranging from children all the way to an eighty+ gentleman who comes every week to take care of our plants, take out the trash, and refill our water cooler. Many of the volunteers who come have limited physical abilities and access into our warehouse has been difficult. We are truly fortunate to have so many people who care about CSM and we wanted to find a way to make getting into and out of our building easier for those serving here. Derek Gann, owner of 101 Mobility, heard our prayers and donated a lift! Our older volunteers are loving using the lift and our weekly volunteers from Vestavia’s School to Work program and United Ability will have a much easier time getting into our building. We are so thankful for this great gift and incredible provision to assist our volunteers and visitors!

Owner, Derek Gann, is a Georgia native who is proud to call Birmingham “home.” Derek and Ashley are parents to two young children and were drawn to the Magic City for its family-centered community and excellent schools. Derek decided to open a 101 Mobility location in Alabama in hopes of bringing independence and mobility to individuals and families across the Heart of Dixie.

Birmingham Christian Family Magazine interviewed Derek Gann for this month’s issue and graciously gave us permission to reprint the article for our CSM family. Derek’s answers provide a peek behind the curtain to see what drives the Gann family to allow God to use them to serve others in our community.

Derek and Ashley Gann, 101 Mobility Alabama owners

Q. How does your faith impact the way you run your business?
A. Simply put, our faith drives us. Each day we remind ourselves that all that we do on this side of eternity should all point to the greatness of Jesus. Even leading up to the decision to become business owners, every day was filled with prayer. We asked for wisdom, discernment and direction. Ashley and I feel that God has led us to right where we are and we must be faithful stewards of what we’ve been given. We think the greatest leader of all time is Jesus and we try daily to replicate those traits. Our faith doesn’t mean our business is void of difficult decisions or tough calls, but our faith guides us and reassures us of our purpose. We strongly believe that you have to have vision and our vision is to love our customers well, build strong community relationships, and provide top-notch service. These goals are all predicated on our faith and our hope to be a glimmer of light in what can be a dimmer time in one’s life.

Q. What is the most rewarding aspect of the business to you?
A. No question, the most rewarding aspect of our business is being able to give someone a new lease on life. No one wants to wake up and discover they can no longer walk up their stairs or get around their house like they used to. So, when 101 Mobility can design a plan, unique to your needs, that gives you that freedom and independence back, it fills our heart and reminds us that each time a job is done, we’ve left one life a little better. The greatest gifts in life are truly the ones we give, not the ones we get. We are blessed to provide mobility devices that give back joy, that give back freedom, that give back hope. The stories we hear from the customers we serve can often leave tears in our own eyes, so being able to restore something that has been lost is the greatest reward of all.

Used by permission. Birmingham Christian Family Magazine, August 2018

This platform lift from 101 Mobility is capable of carrying nearly any person, with or without a wheelchair or powerchair. It employs an ACME screw drive motor system, which delivers precise and jerk-free movement while ascending and descending. Learn more at or call 205-538-5692.