This past weekend, we got to see how God works through His people. One of our partner churches got a call this past Saturday, requesting housing for 40-50 people from a church in Tallahassee, Florida who were escaping the storm, including pastors General and Tinisha Bryant with their kids and other church staff and members. One of our main ministry partners in the Tarrant area had just renovated a dorm-style facility with enough bed space for over 50 people. When Tracy went to check and see if it was possible to open that building for this group, already headed toward Birmingham, he found a large group of church members there cleaning the building! They had planned for a “serve day” a few weeks before, and the building was in tip-top shape. The only things needed were twin mattresses, towels and linens, and food to feed the guests.

Meanwhile, back at CSM, a full-size moving truck backed up to our dock to load supplies to take to Texas, but we had pretty much given all we had away. In the meantime, a semi-truck broke down near Gadsden on its way to Florida with relief donations. The Boy Scouts offered to unload the container so that it could make its way to where it was needed, and brought the contents to CSM. CSM staff and a few volunteers were (miraculously) still here (on a Saturday) to help unload when the truck arrived, and load the moving truck ready to deliver.

Tracy was still at the church trying to make a plan with the staff for resourcing the needs there, and got a call from that driver. He had left CSM with a full load, but had been stopped at the weigh station for being 14,000 pounds over. Tracy asked him where he was, and found that the driver was only one mile away! You guessed it, when they unloaded the extra weight, the contents of the boxes included new towels, linens, diapers and an abundance of food. We had mattresses back in the warehouse, and every single need was supplied. You cannot make this stuff up!

We can assure you that your donations are strategically delivering relief and encouragement to people through faith-based organizations. We will continue to collect supplies and donations for hurricane relief, invest in partners who are committed to the Gospel, and invite you to be the hands and feet of the Body of Christ with us.