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Caring for the homeless during the World Games. Our partner, Grace’s Kitchen, partnered with Faith Chapel’s Compassion Project for the World Games held here in Birmingham. The Compassion Project ran from July 6-18 to provide as many services as possible for the homeless community: meals, showers, laundry, medical clinics, and even getting people connected to housing. They offered three meals a day for the entire period.

Grace’s Kitchen typically feeds the homeless community in Linn Park every week on Thursday morning for breakfast. For the first time in twelve years, Grace’s Kitchen was unable to serve there due to World Games restrictions.

Paula Hughes, who runs Grace’s Kitchen, wanted to continue meeting the community’s needs, so she got involved with the Compassion Project. Food for Our Journey led the meal coordination. Various people provided three meals daily for thirteen days (before and after the World Games began and ended). Grace’s Kitchen provided two Thursday breakfasts and two Friday lunches. They served 400 homeless friends over the four meals, with each meal increasing in people who came. Paula said it was neat to see people she’d previously served in Linn Park but hadn’t seen in a while.

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